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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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the u.n. says eighty eight people are now confirmed to have died in israel more targets from the air and to step up the offensive. in expels the top cia spy working in germany after two government employees are accused of passing secrets to the u.s. . also coming up this hour just how this militant sees nuclear materials in iraq with the government for international help to prevent the uranium from pines being used in terror attacks.
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you're watching from in the world welcome to moscow onto our to international i mean i know you our top story the u.n. has stated eighty eight people have been killed by israeli strikes on gaza since an offensive was launched on tuesday at least eighteen among the dead are children according to local health officials israel has vowed to step up attacks until hamas stops firing rockets onto its territory. the thing about him and that guy is some of the look i think if you look at the timing from house to neverland emma has the headline and the look and government that's i mentioned a good idea but it was thank god it was over was it. was. it was the act was. that.
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at least twenty civilians are among the dead reported by the palestinian health ministry many targets destroyed by a stray missiles of no obvious links to hamas but israel accuses the organization of using civilians as human shields israel's mussing troops on the border and twenty thousand reservists have already been mobilized people in gas aren't as appearing more attacks tonight as journalist hari fear reports from gaza. local palestinian human rights groups say twenty children have been killed and ten women are now among the civilian population at large hundreds of palestinian homes have been destroyed and from the north to the south of the gaza strip that has been an aerial naval island bombardment since the operation began additionally of significance israel basically attacked a cafe along the beach area in the gaza strip and the local media here reports that this was specifically affecting a group of civilians watching the feast for
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a wild college football and shoes and there are seven deaths reported in this incident as well and this of course is in stark contrast the image here. televisa an israel at large the moments no israelis have been reported killed as a result of these hundreds of palestinian rockets being fired from this coastal on place people in gaza fearful of an escalation the key question is whether or not that's likely to be a ground escalation that is right the minute she officials have alluded to the possibility of this whether or not this is just a preparedness or actual strategy in the coming days is yet to be seen but certainly in this policy in gaza. palestinians remember the two thousand and eight two thousand and nine operation which sole ground very well ali if you visited the al-sharif a hospital in gaza city they also went to south gaza to investigate one of the as strike sites which talk to a family home. israel's latest operation against hamas has already
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taken the lives of at least twenty palestinian children half of all the wounded are women or children on a visit to gaza's main hospital we met four year old shame mastery she was injured in her abdomen she became collateral damage in a drone strike that i has yet. to go went to visit her sister with her parents on the road they came under missile fire when she tried to wade once she was hit by a second her mother and brother were killed she and her sister were left in a critical condition this is the day today and the girl is still in the good care no one knows if she's going to make it. doctors tell me they've been dealing with the biting shortage of medical supplies in gaza for the last three weeks as a result of the ongoing siege but even civilians that survive the violence suffer the mental effects of living in a war zone our bed lives in
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a neighborhood of shaikh road one that was targeted last night we were sitting by the entrance when the first missile hit the house and the second one soon followed we carried the sleeping children out and run away the children began screaming through fear in gaza dozens of palestinians have been killed in israel no one has been killed as in recent years this house israel war is far symmetrical terms of casualties and civilian. it's been a traumatizing couple of days for the civilians of high newness in the south of the gaza strip to during its operation israel says that it's going after hamas militants those alleges are hamas militants however it's willing to go as far as targeting their homes and in this case israel killed six children and two adults when it struck this family home the family didn't have time to heed the warning drone missile. which arrived four minutes before the main strike. we were
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shocked when a missile hit my brother's house after we hurried out our house was hit by the house was a children's playground where most of the heat came that we are so sorry for killing these kids we have been hearing the number of kids that had been killed. in the south in part. because the soup is not acceptable and we call for part is to restrain from doing no such actions but that is what is going on in gaza it happened in the cast lead and in the war of two thousand and twelve also the innocent civilians have been the prize of. israel has made clear that it's not interested in restraining its operation on gaza so long as hamas rocket fire continues it's a recipe for further conflict and inevitable suffering for gaza civilian population
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a population already so beleaguered now lives in fear of even more violence in the coming days kerry fear gaza. well the head of the un has appealed for a cease fire in gaza and the russian president has also urged israel's prime minister to establish a truce the spiraling tensions were triggered by the killing of three israeli teenagers last month but former irish m.e.p. paul murphy believes israel is just using the tragedy to justify its actions. of a murderous assault being pursued bloody israeli establishment you have a completely cynical use over the tragic death of the three israeli teenagers in order to pursue a preexisting agenda which is an imperialist agenda which is of. undermining hamas and which points towards anyway new ground invasion so it's not a matter of the israeli establishment crying crocodile tears and saying oh well some
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civilian deaths are inevitable and they're certainly inevitable whenever you have an open air prison complex gaza and then you subject this to hundreds of bombardments with the highest technological level weapons on a daily basis. earlier i asked israeli defense force spokes person libby vice why they're pursuing the offensive against despite mounting civilian deaths. this is not an operation in any capacity against the people of gaza this is an operation against some us against an organization that purposely and specifically uses the civilian population of gaza as human shields the point is is that you're defending your people but thankfully no israelis have been killed by hamas rockets in the last number of days but let's just get some more figures because in gaza at least eighteen children died according to local health officials also since two thousand and eight over thought and civilians were killed in gaza that's right twenty times
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more than the israeli civilian death toll is israel's reaction to rockets fired by hamas measured unjustified there are four with five million men women and children living in shelters that is something with which we cannot continue and which no other country would accept we make unbounded efforts to protect the civilian population in the gaza strip before any attack is taken against hamas to take measures that no other military or no other country takes in the world which include text messages to people in civilian areas phone calls to their homes to do this because of the end of the day and why because i don't as you say yes margaret but why then is the un security general urging israel to show restraint but prime minister netanyahu is vowing to step off the offensive so international calls are simply being ignored aren't they. again i and he calls about international claims really should be directed towards the prime minister of. our middle east correspondent paula slayer's keeping track of the rising tensions in the region as
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well you can follow her twitter account for minute by minute updates. the top cia officer in germany has been ordered out of the country berlin responded angrily after two german officials in a week were allegedly revealed to be american spies let's get more for correspond peter oliver in bergen. this is as a direct result of two recent spy scandals came after an emergency session of the parliamentary committee for control of intelligence and well they said it was down to the refusal of u.s. intelligence services to work with their german counterparts of the back of these two investigations that we've see now this is clearly designed to represent a strong statement to washington not something that there has been accusations here in germany that the german government haven't being doing that they haven't been doing enough there to show strength in the face of spy scandals that have really been emerging although solidly since the first leaks from edward snowden over
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a year ago but in a statement a government spokesman said that the german government would continue to work with its partners but that data continued working relationship relied a lot on trust and that there had been trust lost here. i just want to see that if you look at it using common sense in my opinion spying and allies in france is a waste of energy this of course follows these two scandals that we've seen what involving a an officer of the federal intelligence service that remains in custody awaiting trial who was arrested last week and just this week we saw the searching of a the whole office of an employee of the defense ministry there's no arrests being made there but that inquiry continues so that's the decision that's being made by the germans they've told the representative of the u.s. security services yes the packets bags and leave the country. the latest
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revelations have prompted bridge among politicians germany's finance minister said the stupidity of the alleged spying makes him want to cry a social democrat party member called watching us spies being exposed on a weekly basis a degrading spectacle on a member of the european parliament say germany is being treated as if it was america's worst enemy now this certainly isn't the first n.s.a. scandal berlin's been involved in let's take a look back at the previous ones the full scale of the snooping first came to light last june the agency was shown to have access to opt to half a billion german data connections every single month a month later it was revealed that germany intelligence cooperated with the n.s.a. using the agency's infamous x. keyscore software in october an international scandal erupted as it was revealed by a cell phone of chancellor angela merkel had been topped at the end the year it became clear that the british intelligence agency was also eavesdropping on german
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targets and in february this year it was reported the n.s.a. had top then chancellor gerhard schroeder's phone calls in the run up to the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion of iraq one american investigative journalist told r.t. the revelations are leaving berlin embarrassed. the german american security system so so interwoven you can't even separate from the basically the same infrastructure the same architecture of security so if germany was to say they don't want to it's very hard for them not to because there's so many institutions which are basically into the same institute the german political leadership. wants to be involved with united states they want to have an integrated security infrastructure it's part of who they are it is part of who they've been since the end of world war two but this recent espionage scandal the medical being spied on and of the two roads recent cases is embarrassing for the german political system because it shows that germany
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has been very loyal to the united states but the united states still doesn't trust . more stories ahead for you including a looming blockade in eastern ukraine reports one of the two cities preparing for a siege as kiev sends troops to the remaining hubs of government resistance. the interview. i feel. free to.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on alt. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing story are you. trying. to find out more visit or a big. welcome by terrorists in northern iraq have seized nuclear substances in the city of mosul baghdad has called on the u.n. to help remove any threat that the hottest material will be used at home or abroad are to be france's more. what we've learned is that in
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a letter to the united nations iraq announced insurgents have seized nuclear materials from oslo university according to iraq's u.n. ambassador mohammed al hakim at least forty kilograms of uranium compounds were stored in the university said the materials obtained can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and warned they could easily be smuggled out of iraq a u.s. government official told reuters news agency the materials are not believed to be enriched uranium and therefore make it difficult to make into a weapon it's also been revealed that islamic state the militants the group formerly known as isis captured a facility on june eleventh about thirty five miles southwest of baghdad which was once operated by saddam hussein's regime and is believed to contain two thousand five hundred degraded rockets filled with potentially deadly sarin and mustard gas and u.s. officials have downplayed the risk claiming the materials are too old to be useful however given the instability within the country and its proximity to syria this is
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still a very huge worry. as lindsey mentioned the militants have made significant gains in recent weeks seizing entire weapons arsenals they've already paraded columns of tanks and even a scud that ballistic missile chemical sites they took in iraq continue number of deadly agents including cyanide mustard gas on the nuclear materials we asked michael maloof who spent thirty years working for the u.s. department of defense what they're likely to do with them. it's possible that the material could be used for making a dirty bomb at best it cannot be made into a nuclear weapon it's not that it has been determined that it's not a. grade for a nuclear weapon but it's been known for three years that you can take radioactive material and put it into a conventional weapon such as artillery shells the fact that it's regulated the
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fact that it's out there i think is reason to be concerned about it and it can be used by they can be used by these people in in places in very. highly populated areas and and of course that will just radiate in the area and it could cause an area there not to be able to be used for years as. a web team has been putting together a timeline of events in iraq since jihad just began their advance log on to r.t. dot com for all the latest updates. let's now go back to one of our main stories the expulsion of the top u.s. intelligence official in germany i'm pleased to say i'm not joined live by philip giraldi who used to be a cia officer working in germany thanks for joining us today sir is the latest scandal really a surprise given the previous revelations no
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actually should not be a surprise at all the cia and. just have had a very close relationship for a very many years and many b.m.d. officers have in fact crossed the line and cooperated with the cia to provide information that they were not providing openly now the state department spokesperson jen psaki has been asked to comment on the expulsion just take a listen to what she had to say for a moment. when you say you have seen the judgment of the media reports seeing. what you mean by that or do you deny either judgment or league ations a boat that there was a spy ration going on oh i'm all i meant by it was that we've seen the reports we've read the reports i'm not going to say i don't have any specific comment on it given its purported until you see those reports are true i'm not going to have anything more to add on that front so clearly the u.s.
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has no comment should we expect any other type of reaction in the coming days i don't think so i think this is merkel having to respond to her own public in terms of doing something about this now she's had her phone tapped and now we discover that there are two probably high level spies within her government that are working for the u.s. government. she knew about this or she knew that this was there was a high likelihood of this sort of thing happening but there's a certain extent this is political i don't expect it to have any lasting damage but it you know this it's this thing that spy agencies do spy agencies spy on friends and they spy on enemies where you said there may not be any lasting damage but will the ties between the two countries suffer because of it
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i don't think so because i think germany and the united states have very many common interests as trade partners as as countries that are interested in what is going on in terms of of nation development in eastern europe so i think there are more things in common than not but you know this is a warning this is a warning from merkel saying there are lines that you should not be crossing and the united states has been crossing them i think in the future the u.s. will be a lot more cautious in terms of running intelligence operations inside germany where you worked as an intelligence officer in germany what does the cia actually get up to there. well that's a big question the germany of course at the time i was there was the dividing line between east and west between communism and and the western powers and so basically
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at the time i was there and our focus was on the soviet union and the warsaw pact but you know cia is an intelligence organization it. what it does from one year to the next changes whatever the priorities are change in this case it appears that the u.s. government wanted to know more about some decisionmaking that was going on within the german government information that was not necessarily being shared in germany philip giraldi we appreciate your input this hour thank you. moving to the u.k. where almost a million public sector workers have walked off the job forcing schools and offices to close in a so-called poverty pay strike so union leaders claim the action may be the biggest in the central though the authorities say the turnout has been over estimated teachers and firefighters have joined care workers librarians and other civil
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servants at picket lines across the country to protest against austerity and government cuts to reports from the english capital the rather rowdy crowd that's gathered behind me is made up of the public sector as well because despite the typically british summer weather that we're being graced with today and of course the overarching theme hand the issue is back to working conditions and the top issue that is about pay now british public sector workers have experienced pay freezes over the past several years and twinned with the ever increasing cost of living well they say that it's just not a living wage that they're getting at the moment a lot of the media focus about today's strike was also on teaches that of what's out today now the head of day union has said that more and more teachers are leaving the profession because of the government on the scene right just about to retire michael says just you know the teachers. i'm out of work or
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speeches it's just i'm starting to build i mean it's not work that actually it's beneficial to the children mentions it all terms of additions to the road so somebody over the last ten or fifteen is that is trying to do something about it by simply saying enough is enough i was right in saying isn't wasn't in my kids too long to know we've got walkouts and protests taking place across the entire countries in towns cities and places as as remote. the vial of light now of course the government have said that they're not happy about it they've said that it's going to be pointless and extremely destructive i'm worried that the prime minister david cameron has recently pledged to bring in strict new rules that would cause strikes to essential services like this one which of course having spoken to the protesters that have gathered head today they say that that makes them even more
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angry. and now we're getting reports of renewed violence in eastern ukraine where the main hubs of government resistance the cities of the netsky seen here on the right over here are preparing for a siege now these are pictures coming up from the lugansk region where a local mine has come on their fire local militia are also stepping up attacks on an airport in the dinette region which is controlled by ukrainian forces and also these are pictures from the small town of subversive near the nats it has reportedly suffered air strikes local militia have left saying they did not want the town to be besieged by kiev forces this video purposely shows ukrainian military vehicles heading to be embattled cities and locals are living in fear as artie's maria fanaa reports. today again we woke up from very loud sounds of tillery we are in the city center and the shelling was so close that we were able to hear the launch of the shells and we were also hearing how they were lending the
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government forces continue to shell the ukrainian army's positions in the outskirts of the city with the country's military firing back it happens very often that shells land in quite unexpected places in the city center and many residents have already fled the city and people continue to leave people who are terrified by promises from key to surround the city of donetsk and lugansk and fears were rising that it could become. a tourist to the center of the operation for months where clashes are very fierce and very deadly but lugansk is a very big city with a population of more than four hundred thousand people while denounce his home to one million people and concerns were rising the consequences of such strategy also will be bigger and. the city of the former stronghold of anti-government forces has seen some of the worst attacks in ruins and suffering
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a severe humanitarian crisis it's been turned into a ghost town and that's the assessment of european monitors. the there was quite a bit of devastation there obviously we were the first international body to get into the city there is very no electricity no water. lack of food supplies a.t.m. machines are working and it's basically a ghost town right now more than half the population has a lot of people according to our monitors the people there are very kind of alone and almost abandoned. that's our main stories this hour but the latest episode of news team is coming your way very shortly to stay here on r t international.
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